Our Constitution

SEC. 1: This organization shall be known as UET Taxila Student Branch of the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
SEC. 2: The purpose of this organization, Uet Taxila Student Branch of the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), shall be the dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of all aspects of the electrical and computer engineering, electronics, allied branches of engineering or the related arts and sciences, as well as the furtherance of the professional development of its members.
SEC. 3: The organization and operation of the student branch shall be in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the IEEE.

SEC. 1: Full Student Memberships shall be limited to undergraduate and graduate students of UET Taxila, who are taking at least 50% of the full-time academic program.
SEC. 2: Faculty and staff of UET Taxila who are members of the IEEE shall be granted Associate Membership in the Branch.
SEC. 3: Membership and participation in Student Branch activities shall be free from discrimination based on gender, race, religion, physical stature, handicap, or sexual orientation.

SEC. 1: The Executive Committee of the Branch shall have the power to levy special assessments upon endorsement by two-thirds vote of the membership of the Branch. Associate members will be exempted from any special assessments levied by the Branch.
SEC. 2: Nonpayment of annual IEEE membership fees will automatically result in suspension of the membership in the Student Branch. Nonpayment of dues will result in the loss of voting rights and the right to hold office.
SEC. 3: Student Branch dues are to be a one-time charge levied at the time of initial enrollment of a new member, or renewal of a previous member.

SEC. 1: The management of the affairs of the Student Branch shall be in the hands of the Executive Committee, consisting of the duly elected and appointed officers of the Student Branch and the Counselor appointed by the IEEE. The Student Branch Chair shall also be the chair of the Executive Committee.
SEC. 2: The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of the Student Branch and shall transact all business it deems advisable, including the filling of vacancies in the office, authorization of the expenditures, and etc.
SEC. 3: The Executive Committee shall consist of a minimum of FOUR executive officers.
1. An executive officer is an officer that has voting right within the Executive Committee, and unrestricted access to the Student Branch office.
2. The executive officers of the Student Branch shall be a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.
SEC. 4: Only full members in good standing shall be eligible to hold office. Associate members shall not be entitled to vote or to hold office.

SEC. 1: The term office shall be one year and shall begin by June 1st of every year.
SEC. 2: Nominations for executive officers for the following year shall begin no later than the third week of March, with elections occurring in the first week of April.
SEC. 3: Candidates for the office of Chair must have previously served as an executive officer of the Student Branch. In the event that no candidate meet this requirement, each candidate who receives the endorsement of the Executive Committee.
SEC. 4: Students who are applying for internship may not run for office.

SEC. 1: Student Branch Chair shall call and preside all meetings of the Student Branch, shall appoint all committees, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, shall call and oversee annual elections, and shall assume all other executive duties not otherwise delegated.
SEC. 2: Student Branch Vice-Chair shall perform all functions of the Student Branch Chair in the latter�s absence or upon the request of the chair. The Vice-Chair shall oversee membership applications and renewals in a timely manner.
SEC. 3: Student Branch Treasurer shall receive all money and pay all debts of the Student Branch authorized by the Executive Committee, and shall keep an exact account of all receipts and expenditures. The Treasurer shall also complete the year-end Financial Statement for inclusion in the Final Report of Activities.
SEC. 4: Student Branch Secretary shall keep a detailed record of activities and meetings of the Student Branch and shall record the number of members at each meeting or activity. The Secretary is responsible for filing and completing the Annual Plan of Activities and the Annual Report of Activities with IEEE Student Services by required dates, and subject to the approval of the Student Branch Chair. The Secretary shall carry on all other communications necessary to the activity of the Branch and ensure all activities of the Student Branch are in accordance with this Constitution and the Bylaws of the IEEE.

SEC. 1: The Student Branch shall hold a minimum of ONE formal meeting of the Executive Committee per month.
SEC. 2: A general meeting shall be opened to all members of the Student Branch, and shall be called by the Chair, whenever necessary.

SEC. 1: The Student Branch is empowered to adopt Bylaws that are consistent with this Constitution.
SEC. 2: Any proposed amendments to the Constitution by any member must be duly publicized at a general meeting where opinion are entertained and proposed amendments voted and agreed upon by two-thirds of all members present, excluding associate members. Such amendments become effective only upon the approval of the Executive Committee, but such approval shall not be unduly withheld.
SEC. 3: The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds of the votes of the Student Branch Executive Committee. All members of the Executive Committee MUST be present in order for amendments to be ratified. Results will be duly publicized.