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University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila

UET Taxila


News Highlights
Turkish Government's Postgraduate Scholarship Program
Result of ZTE On-Campus Recruitment Drive held on 23 February, 2015
PTCL Evo Activation Guide For Students (Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme)
Laptop Distribution Notice for Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme
Welfare Scholarship; Download: APPLICATION FORM  
HEC Needs Based Scholarship Program; Download: APPLICATION FORM  
CPD Activity at UET Taxila  
Employees Data Required for Implementation of File Management System (E-Filing)
UET Taxila is hiring PhD Faculty on TTS in all Engineering Departments (Civil, Environmental, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Metallurgy and Materials, Computer, Software, Telecommunication, Industrial) and Basic Sciences and Humanities (Computer Science, Physics, Maths, English, Pakistan Studies, Islamiat). Please send your CV by email to [email protected]
Meezan Bank Ltd. has offered Qarz e Hasana for Deserving Students—Submit the duly filled Form in Dues and Scholarship Branch in Admin Building on the first day of next semester 

Register for Imagine Cup 2015, Global Student Technology Competition
All faculty members are requested to update their publications record online
Prospectus Postgraduate || Undergraduate
Comments Required
Call for Papers in Special Issue of Technical Journal UET Taxila
Download: The Invitation | Paper Format
Microsoft DreamSpark Software for learning, teaching and Research

GoogleApps for faculty

Office365 Online for Students

CCNP, CCNA, Optical Fiber Course at NARC
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