Student Hostels

Limited hostel accommodation is available at campus for male students. The rooms in the hostels are allotted on the basis of academic merit. However, a casual student or a student involved in any act of misconduct, indiscipline, violation of rules or involvement in any political and objectionable activities, shall be ineligible for hostel accommodation. If the attendance of a student is short, his allotment shall be cancelled. He may apply for fresh allotment after the next semester if his attendance is up to the mark at that time.

Allotment of Rooms in Hostels

a: A student seeking accommodation in a University Hostel shall submit an application to the Senior Warden on the prescribed form. Allotment will be made by the Resident Tutors under the supervision of the Senior Warden. As far as possible international students shall be provided hostel accommodation.

b: Students residing within the limits of Taxila, Wah Cantt., Rawalpindi and Islamabad shall not be provided hostel ccommodation, unless vacancies are available after accommodating students from outside the above limits.

c: The types of accommodation presently available in the hostels are; (i) Cubicle (ii) Dormitory

d: The order of preference for allotment of the accommodation shall be as follows: i. Final year students
ii. Third year students
iii. Second year students
iv. First year students

e: Within each of the categories mentioned in sub-rule (d) except categories d, the order of preference shall be as follows:- i. Students who have passed the next below regular semester examination, taken as a whole
ii. Students who have failed in not more than three of the papers of the next below regular semester examination
iii. Others

About UET Taxila

With phenomenal increase in students' enrollment in 1970's, a plan to establish additional campuses of the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore was conceived. As a result of that, the University College of Engineering Taxila was established.

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