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Admission Registration and Placement Bureau>Instructions
If you have downloaded the application form then Form/Application fee of Rs. 1,000/- is charged. Preference Fee in terms of discipline and category is also included in this.
The Fee is to be Remitted in One of the Following Ways:
  a) Through a Bank Challan for the required amount deposited with the Habib Bank Ltd., Engineering University Branch, Taxila and attaching the bank challan with the application Form F-I OR
  b) Through a bank draft or a pay order (from any branch of Habib Bank) of the required amount and attaching it with the application Form F-I.
For depositing fee in the Habib Bank, Engineering University Branch, the challan form (available in the bank) meant for payment of the university dues should be used. The bank draft or the pay order should be obtained from any branch of Habib Bank Ltd. and made payable to the Treasurer, University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila.
The application fee shall not be accepted if remitted in any manner other than those mentioned above. For example, money orders or postal orders will not be accepted.
The applicants must check up carefully that they are remitting the correct amount of application fee. If the application fee received with the application falls short of the required amount the application will not be entertained.
An applicant must exercise great care in ensuring that his application form (F-I) is submitted accompanied by the required documents. An application shall stand rejected if any of the required documents is missing. No document shall be accepted after the last date for receipt of applications. The documents required from applicants for different categories are summarized below:
Documents to be submitted by All Applicants: (Attested Photocopies)
  a) Certificate of Secondary School Examination (Detailed Marks Certificate).
  b) Degree, Diploma or Certificate of the examination on the basis of which admission is sought (i.e. FSc, BSc, or Diploma of Associate Engineer etc.). Results cards issued by the board/university are acceptable. Provisional Certificate in place of Degree/Diploma will not be accepted.
  c) Detailed Marks Certificate of the examination on the basis of which admission is sought.
  d) Domicile Certificate.
If you have passed FSc. (Pre-medical)
  a) If you have passed FSc. (Pre-medical), you have to submit an attested photocopy of the certificate for Additional Mathematics.
If you are seeking admission on the basis of BSc Degree
  b) If you are seeking admission on the basis of BSc Degree you have to submit an attested photocopy of the FSc Certificate as well.
If you are applying for the M Category seats
  c) If you are applying for the M Category seats, you have to submit in original a certificate from the Registrar of the university on prescribed Form F-IX (Available in the Registrar’s office).
If you are applying for the N Category seats
  d) If you are applying for the N Category seats, you have to submit attested photocopies of your parent's Bachelors Degree in Engineering & renewed PEC Registration card. Other qualifications such as AMIE (Pak) are not regognized for inclusion in this category.
If you wish to claim 20 marks of NCC training
  e) If you have successfully completed the NCC training and wish to claim 20 marks you have to submit an attested photocopy of the certificate issued by the Director General National Cadet Corps and Women Guards.
If you are claiming 20 marks for being Hifz-e-Quran
  f) If you are claiming 20 marks for being Hifz-e-Quran, You will have to appear in Hifaz-e-Quran test held on 22-Oct-2010 at 9:00 AM in the Admission Office , at UET Taxila.
If you are the son/daughter of Armed Forces Personnel
  g) If you are the son of Armed Forces Personnel and are seeking admission not against the seats reserved for the province of your domicile but against the seats reserved for the province where your parent is posted, you have to submit in original certificate from the GOC of the area about the place of your parent’s posting.
If you have passed Matric or F.Sc. outside Punjab
  h) If you are applying for any category requiring the Punjab domicile and you have passed either the Secondary School Examination or the Higher Secondary Examination from a Board or Institution not included in the Punjab/Federal Capital Area, Islamabad.You have to submit following documents.
1.Form F-II OR
1.Form F-III
2.Form F-IV
3.Father/Mother Domicile
4.Father/Mother CNIC
An attested photocopy of the relevant page of the electoral rolls on which the name of Father/Mother of the applicant apears.
If you are applying for the O Category seats
  i) If you are the son/daughter of University Alumni , you have to attach attested photo copy of his parent as an  evidance of the fact that he (the parent) is a  graduate of this University or its parent insititution, i.e., the former University College of Engineering.
If you are applying for the X or Z Category seats
    If you are applying on overseas Seats, You are  required to submit along wiht your application.
    I). A certificate on Form F-VIII regarding his parent's employment in a foreign country issued by the Pakistani Embassy in that country.
    II). A photocopy of his parent's resident visa for that country attested by the Pakistani Embassy.
Note The Form F- V, Form F- VI, Form F- VII and Income Certificate are not to be submitted along with the application. They are required at the time of admission/registration.
While reading the following instructions for completing application form F-I keep referring to F-I specimen. That will make it easy for you to understand the instructions and to complete the Form correctly.
  i Only one application form is to be submitted for any number of disciplines and categories you apply for.
All entries should be in BLOCK LETTERS.
Fill the column for preferences very carefully. The order of preferences once given shall be final and cannot be changed subsequently.
Under column ”Discipline” use the following abbreviations (as shown in F-I specimen):


Civil Engineering


» Enviornmental Engineering Env

Computer Engineering

» Electrical Engineering
» Electronics Engineering Ect
» Mechanical Engineering
» Industrial Engineering Ind
» Software Engineering
» Telecommunication Engineering
» Electronics Engineering Etro
» Mechatronics Engineering


Under the column ”Category” use only the symbols (i.e. A1 or I or N, Q etc.).
  vi ince no erasure or overwriting is allowed in these columns, be very cautious, if you fill it once and you want to change it later, you will have to get another prospectus.
  a) The application form complete in all respects along with the requisite documents and bank challan, bank draft should reach the Convener, Admission Committee, University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila on or before the last date notified for receipt of applications.i.e. 18/10/2010.
  b) The application may be delivered personally (upto 21/10/2010) or sent under registered post/ courier service (upto 18/10/2010).
  c) Application received after the closing date shall not be entertained, irrespective of the fact that it was posted before the closing date.
Incomplete applications shall not be entertained. Application form, fee and the documents submitted with it shall not be returned on any ground.
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