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Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Kamal


Ireland U.K.

  • Proposed a new grading envelope for unbound granular materials used in road bases & sub bases for the construction of Flexible Pavements in Northern Ireland (UK), by carrying out a comprehensive laboratory investigations & subsequent full scale field verification trials.


  • Involved in research on Flexible Pavements, i.e. studying the seasonal effects using Falling Weight Deflectometer and the effects of repeated load on resilient and permanent deformation under local environmental conditions.
  • Studying the functional performance of landing Air strips in Pakistan.
  • Involved in soil investigation and foundation analysis in number of projects throughout Pakistan.

PhD. Research Work Supervised

  • Impact of Superpave on Rutting behavior of Asphalt
  • Impact of Volumetric Properties on HMA Performance at High Temperature & Repeated Loading
  • Use of plastic waste for the construction of pre-stressed Arch
  • Performance Evaluation of Cold Recycled
    Asphalt Pavements in Pakistan. (2017)
  • Permanent Deformation Evaluation of Asphalt Mixtures for the Development of Rutting Shift Functions (2018)

 M.Sc. Research Work Supervised

  • A study on land slide treatments carried out in Murree Area During last 10 years (2008)
  • To investigate the cases of premature failure of Road network of Bahria town and to propose its remedial measures. (2012)
  • To investigate the inter layer bond strength of asphalt pavements using different materials (2015)
  • Performance characterization of crack selants under local environmental conditions. (2015)
  • To investigate the inter layer bond strength of asphalt pavement.
  • Preparation of Job Mix formula and comparaison against varying temperature and loading at bituminous mix with and without crumb rubber modified bitumen(CRMB).
  • Evaluation of the effect of particles shape on the performance of Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures.
  • Experiment study to compare the effects of gradation, additive and filler materials on performance of CIR mixes.
  • The Evaluation of structural and functional performance of New Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad.
  • Study of a road accidents scenario using traffic simulation software.
  • Aggregate packing characteristics of different aggregate gradations in asphalt mixtures.
  • Performance of unbound materials using RLTT (Repeated Load Triaxial Test) Techniques.
  • Evaluation of mobility of a multimodal at grade intersection using micro-simulation (VISSIM)
  • Improvement of Asphalt Mix Charactertics using different aggregate gradations in Pakistan
  • Durability Assessment of Bituminous Mixtures for Pakistan.
  • Packing Characteristics of Different Aggregate Gradation of Asphaltic Mixtures in Pakistan.
  • Performance Characterization of Crack Sealants on Asphalt Pavement
  • To Evaluate the Effect of Crumb Rubber on Laboratory Rutting Performance of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures.
  • Experimental Study on Rheological Characteristics of Bitumen Used in Pakistan.
  • Effect on Rutting and stiffness by varying coarse and fine aggregates in Wearing course using Polymer-Modified Bitumen.
  • To develop a relationship between the dynamic deformation module Evd by the Light Drop Weight Tester and CBR by conventional Method.
  • To develop a relationship between the dynamic deformation module Evd by the Light Drop Weight Tester and CBR by conventional method for Granular Soil.
  • Implementing Resilient Modulus Value of Subgrade Soils for Design of Pavement Structures in Pakistan.
  • A study of Various Design/Construction practices being followed by NHA and Communication & Works Department.
  • Study of Landslide Treatments Carried out in Murree area During Last 10-Years.
  • Effect of varying temperature & Loading on Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB) and its comparison with conventional bituminous mix.
  • Effect on Rutting and stiffness by varying coarse and fine aggregates in Wearing course using Polymer-Modified Bitumen.
  • Introduction and Idea of implementing intelligent transportation System in Pakistan.
  • Effect of Varying Aggregate Gradation on Voids in Mineral Aggregates (VMA) in Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Paving Mixtures.
  • A Laboratory Study of Dune Sand Stabilization of Cholistan Desert Using Cement Kiln Dust of Port Land Cement.
  • Updation of the Damaging factors for the calculation of ESALs for Pavement Design.
  • Pavement Management System for Maintenance and Rehabilitation.
  • Modern Trends in Flexible Highway Pavement Design.
  • Study of the effect of Axle load on flexible pavements by using pavement analysis software ‘MICHPAVE’ &suggesting remedial measures for premature failures.
  • Study of Distresses in Flexible/Rigid Pavement and Pavement Management System.
  • Effect of Superpave Gyratory Compaction Method on Volumetric Properties of Normal Asphalt Mix.
  • Effect on Rutting and Stiffness by Varying Coarse & Fine aggregates.
  • Study the Behavior of in-service flexible Pavements under repeated load applications and varying temperatures by using universal testing machine (UTM-5P).
  • Suitability of Argillite as sub-base and base coarse material.
  • Comparison of Volumetric Properties of Compacted paving mixes, using Marshall & Gyratory compaction Methods.
  • Study of Asphalt concrete mixes under cyclic loading at varying frequencies and temperatures.
  • Effects of Properties of Asphalt on the Performance of Flexible Pavement.
  • Determination of Mechanical Properties of Road aggregates from Different Quarries of Pakistan.
  • Condition survey of Barotha Access Road for determination of Pavement Condition Index

    International /National Journals:       53

    Refereed conference Proceedings: 31

    Total    :                                    84


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