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Unversity of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Pakistan
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Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar


Vice Chancellor
University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, 2014-present

I Joined UET Taxila as Vice Chancellor in December 2014. Since then I am heading all the University statutory bodies i.e., Syndicate, Academic Council, Finance & Planning Committee, and Selection Board. I am actively involved in streamlining various processes and providing vision for the future development of the University.

Administrative Experience

i. Rector, National Textile University, Faisalabad (2009 – 2014)

ii. Vice Chairman (Punjab), Pakistan Engineering Council (2012-2014)

iii. Convener, (Accreditation Board) EA & QEC, Pakistan Engineering Council 2009- to date

iv. Deputy Convener, EA&QEC (2008-09)

v. Founder Director, Inst. of Quality & Tech. Management, University of the Punjab (2004-2009)

vi. Founder Director, Quality Enhancement Cell, University of the Punjab (2006-2009)

vii. Advisor Students, University of the Punjab (2005-2007)

viii. Deputy Chairman, Hall Council, University of the Punjab (2002-2004)

ix. Head Quality Management Division (QMD), University of the Punjab (2002-04)

x. Member Senate, University of the Punjab (2003- 2009)

Employment Record

Nov. 1985 - Nov. 1987 Worked as a Chemical Engineer in Higher Polymer Industry, Pakistan

Dec. 1987 - Sept.1988 Worked as a A.E (Chemical) in PAEC

Oct. 1988 - July 1995 Lecturer in Chemical Technology at the Institute of Chemical Engg. & Technology, Punjab University Lahore

July 18, 1995- to July. 1999 Assistant Professor in Chemical Engg. at Punjab University. Head Chemical Engg Division at BTI, Bahrain from Jan. 1998-March 2000 by getting leave from University.

July, 1999 - Jan. 23, 2003 Associate Professor, at Inst. of Chemical Engineering & Technology

Jan. 24, 2003- July 31, 2009 Professor, Punjab University, Lahore.
July 31, 2009- July 31,2013 Rector, National Textile University, Faisalabad (Tenure-I)
August 1, 2013- December 2014 (Tenure-II)

Ph. D Supervision
10 Ph. D students are working under my Supervision

New Disciplines Established

Following two new disciplines, have been established by me from scratch:

1. Chemical Engineering Discipline in State of Bahrain
2. Quality Management Division at Punjab University

Curriculum Development
Following new courses/programs were designed by me in Punjab University & in State of Bahrain:

A. Courses/Programs Designed at University of the Punjab

• Designed Environmental Engineering Courses for Chemical Engineering Graduates
• Designed M. Sc, PGD and Short Courses on Quality Management

B. Courses/Programs Designed at Bahrain Training Institute

• Designed all the Diploma and Degree Programs in Chemical Engineering.
• Designed a more specialized one- year Diploma (full-time program) on Surface Treatment.

C. Laboratories Established

The following labs were established and equipment were put in operation at Bahrain Training Institute

  • Unit Operations Lab.
  • Fuel Technology Lab.
  • Chemistry and Chemical Technology lab.
  • Heat and Mass Transfer lab.
  • Fluid Flow Lab.

Research Experience

Research Projects Completed

1. "Gaseous Emissions Control in CFB" Financial Grant from British Coal, UK
2. "Industrial Hazardous Waste Management in Punjab Province" sponsored by EPA Punjab) Pakistan, 1997.
3. "Experimental and theoretical studies on liquid-liquid extraction in a pulsed column.
4. Effect of Nitrogen Contents and lowering heating value of gas on Thermal Efficiency of Boilers.

Chemical Plant Design and Process Experience

  • Experimental study on Air Pollution and its Control in the Vicinity of Ittehad Chemicals, Lahore
  • Experimental and theoretical studies on the factors influencing the extraction efficiency in a pulsed column.
  • Mathematical model for the combustion of char in circulating fluidized beds
  • Characteristic study of the Industrial effluents being discharged in Kala Shah Kaku, Lahore Pakistan
  • Effluent Treatment Plant Design for Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Effluent Treatment Plant Design for Glaxo-Wellcome Ltd. Pakistan
  • Effluent Treatment Plant Design for Fertilizer Industry (Urea)
  • Effluent Treatment Plant Design for Tanneries
  • Manufacture of Silica Gel from sodium silicate
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization technique for 26 MW power plant burning oil with 3% Sulphur.
  • Manufacture of 24 Tons/day Acrylonitrile from hydrogen cyanide and Acetylene.
  • Experimental study of saponification catalyst used in manufacturing of soap.
  • Plant Design on the manufacture of 5 T/D of Silver Nitrate.
  • Plant Design report on the manufacture of 5 T/D of Pentaerythritol.
  • Plant Design report on the manufacture of 30, 000 T/Y of Ethylene Glycol Starting from ethylene oxide.
  • Performance of water-water turbulent heat exchanger
  • Energy Scenario of the State of Bahrain
  • Liquid Effluents being discharged from Petroleum Refinery & Fertilizer Plant.


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