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Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar


Quality Projects Completed

Following quality management projects are in progress under my supervision:

  • HACCP-A Food Safety Program
  • Total Quality Management of Yarn & Fabric in Knitwear Industry
  • Role of Quality Management in Textile Dyeing House
  • Failure of Pakistan to Achieve Economic Development
  • A Research Project on Quality Management System of PEL
  • Quality Management in Education.
  • TQM in the Finance Division of SKMCH & RC-using ISO 9000 Model.
  • Role of Quality Management in Orthopedic Workshops.
  • Quality Assurance Radiation Oncology Department.
  • System Analysis and Design in Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal.
  • Quality Management Application in Local Industry.
  • Enhancement of Quality and Productivity in the LCCI.
  • Achieving Quality through Human Resource Development.
  • Implementation of ISO 14001 in Honda Cars
  • Environmental Legislation in Pakistan
  • Implementation of ISO 14001 in Honda Cars
  • Control of Particulates emissions through Wet scrubber in secondary pharmaceutical industry
  • Environmental Legislation in Pakistan
  • Control of Particulates emissions through Wet scrubber in secondary pharmaceutical industry
  • ISO 9001:2000 at Century Paper Mills
  • Preparation of HACCP Certification in Bunnys (pvt) ltd
  • Implementation of ISO 14001 in a Power Plant
  • Quality Management System of Millat Tractors

Process Design Projects Completed in (2001-2002)

Following process development projects have been completed under my supervision:

  • Manufacturing of whole Milk Powder from Standardized and Pasteurized liquid Milk.
  • Manufacturing of Mineral Water from Tap Water
  • Application of Echo-Friendly Reactive Dyes (Based on Cyanotic Chloride and Vinyl Siphoned) on Textile Fiber
  • Reclamation of Used Lube Oil collected from different sources
  • Preparation of Triethanolamine Oleate (Textile Softener)
  • Manufacturing of Food Flavoring Concentrate (Banana Flavor-Amyl Acetate)
  • Application of Hydrogen Peroxide as a Bleaching Agent
  • Manufacturing of Acetyl Salicylic Acid using acetic acid and salicylic acid as reactant
  • Production of Ethyl Alcohol by the fermentation of Molasses
  • Production of Styrene
  • Factors influencing in preparation of Urea Formaldehyde Resin
  • Preparation of Precipitated Silica using sodium silicate and sulfuric acid as raw material.
  • Manufacturing of Car Paint and Polish
  • Production of Malachite Green Dye
  • Production of Acrylic Fiber (Orlon) from Acrylonitrile
  • Preparation of the Leather Dyes (Acid brown M.I.)
  • Manufacturing of Poly Chloroprene Rubber Based Adhesive
  • Characterization of Industrial Waste Water Discharged into River Ravi,Lahore
  • Factors influencing in Production of Oxalic Acid from Sugar
  • Factors affecting the Extraction Efficiency of a Pulsed Sieve PlateExtraction Column
  • Preparation & Testing of Hydraulic Brake Fluids
  • Experimental Study on Conversion of waste plastic into Liquid Fuel
  • Preservation of fresh Milk using potassium dichromate as preservator
  • Preparation of Ball Pen Ink Remover.
  • Preparation & Testing of Pulp & Paper From Kahi Grass by Using SodaProcess.
  • Extraction of Carbohydrates and Proteins from Corns
  • Production of Azo Dyes
  • Processing of Natural Gas Condensate
  • Production of Unsaturated Polyester Resin
  • Effects of Different indigenous Sands in the Manufacturing of Glass.
  • Preparation of Metallic Stearates
  • Preparation of Ammonium Chloride using Ammonium Sulphate.

Projects in Progress (2002-2003)

Following Process development projects are in progress under my supervision:

  • Comparison of Activated Carbon and clays for the removal of Organic Impurities from Water
  • Conversion of an Electric based Blistering machine to Gas based Blistering Machine.
  • Manufacturing "Biodiesel" from waste vegetable oil.
  • Fertilizer Waste Water Treatment
  • Bio Gas Production
  • Measurement of Gas diffusivity in light Crude Oil
  • Development of Catalysts for Three Phase Reactions
  • Liquid-Liquid Extraction in Pulsed Column
  • Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Preparation
  • Alternative fuel Sources for firing of Cement Kiln
  • Manufacturing of Zeolite (a)
  • Effluent Treatment of Textile Industry
  • Production of iso amyl acetate
  • Manufacturing of Zeolite (b)
  • Quality of high speed diesel available in the market
  • Manufacturing of Alkyd Resin
  • Solar Energy Utilization
  • Toxic emission from Automobile Exhaust.
  • Sweetening of Natural Gas using membrane technology
  • Production of Zinc Sulphate
  • Manufacturing of Zeolite (c)
  • Manufacturing of Zeolite (d)
  • Production of Hydrogen peroxide
  • Formation of Acrylic Plastic
  • Manufacture of Unsaturated Polyster Resin
  • Reaction study of production of Benzene mono sulphuric acid on pilot scale
  • Production of Carboxy Methyl Cellulose.
  • Production of Formic Acid
  • Production of Calcium Chloride
  • Recovery of Chromium from tanneries effluent
  • Preparation of Silica Gel
  • Manufacturing of Margarine
  • Conversion of Canal Water into Mineral Water
  • Factors affecting in the Manufacturing of Cellulose Nitrate
  • Saponanification process using catalyst
  • Effluent treatment of Textile industry
  • Adhesive for Metals, Phenolic-Neoprene
  • Setting time of Cement by adding PV Alcohol
  • Production of Acid Azo dyes and wool dyes


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