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About Campus

About Campus

The campus Director under the command of Vice-Chancellor UET Taxila is the administrative and academic head of the Sub-Campus Chakwal. The overall management policy guidance is provided by the University Syndicate. The various academic and administrative bodies delineated in the UET’s charter, function actively. The normal academic procedures and administrative rules of the UET Taxila are followed in the Sub- Campus Chakwal.

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About Chakwal City

Chakwal is located in the Dhanni region of the Potohar in Northern Punjab, Pakistan. During the Independence War of 1857 Chaudharials of Chakwal strengthened the hand of the British Raj by escorting the treasury from Chakwal to Rawalpindi and got the Khilats and Jagirs.
The city was founded during the era of Mughal emperor Zaheer-ud-Din Babar. Alexander the great also passed through this region in 326 B.C. One of the Muslim Scientists, Al-Beruni came to this valley and stayed here for some time. During his stay at Katas, he not only learned Sanskrit but also performed various geographic experiments and successfully measured the radius of earth. Chakwal district is rich in natural resources such as coal, limestone, gypsum, salt, petroleum and other valuable minerals. Three cement plants with total production capacity of 24000 tons per day are already operational. Some textile factories and oil exploration companies are also working in the surrounding area. ”

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Campus Director

Dr. Amir Sultan


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Campus Director:

Dr. Amir Sultan

Phone#: 0543-602003

Chairman Electronic Department

Phone#: 0543-551278

Chairman Mechatronics Department

Phone#: 0543-540625

Assitant Registrar

Phone#: 0543-540624

Executive Engineer (B & W)

Phone#: 0543-602003
Network Operation Centre (NOC):

Phone#: 0543-541106