Courses Postgraduate Program

Course Outline: MSc in Civil Engineering * (5 specializations)

Specialization in Structural Engineering

CE-5101            Structural Mechanics

CE-5102            Matrix Analysis of Structural

CE-5103            Structural Design Practice

CE-5104            Instability of Structures

CE-5105            Pre-stressed Concrete Theory & Practice

CE-5106            Construction Management

CE-5107            Data Analysis and Quality Control

CE-5108            Properties of Concrete and its Constituents

CE-5109            Computer Aided Design and Analysis of Structures

CE-5110            Bridge Engineering

CE-5111            Domes, Shells, and Space Structures

CE-5112            Dynamics of Structures

CE-5113            Earthquake Engineering

CE-5114            Finite Element methods for Structural Analysis

CE-5115            Application of Information Technology in Civil Engineering

CE-5116            Postgraduate Research Thesis(*)

Specialization in Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering

CE-5201            Advanced mechanics

CE-5202            Foundation Engineering

CE-5203            Soil Structure Interaction

CE-5204            Hydraulic Structures

CE-5205            Rock Mechanics

CE-5206            Engineering Geology

CE-5207            Geo-environment

CE-5208            Pavement Evaluation & Rehabilitation

CE-5209            C.A.D. (Computer Aided Design)

CE-5210            Ground Improvement

CE-5211            Excavation Engineering

CE-5212            Earth Pressure and Retaining Structures

CE-5213            Instrumentation in Geo-technical Engineering

CE-5214            Pavement Structures, Materials & Design

CE-5215            Postgraduate Research Thesis(*)

Specialization in Water Resources & Irrigation Engineering

CE-5301            Advanced Open Channel Hydraulics

CE-5302            Design of Hydraulic Structures

CE-5303            Advanced Irrigation Engineering

CE-5304            Applied Hydrology

CE-5305            Ground Water Hydrology

CE-5306            Ground Water Development

CE-5307            Statistical Hydrology

CE-5308            Drainage and Irrigation Engineering

CE-5309            Sediment Transport

CE-5310            River Engineering

CE-5311            Dam Engineering

CE-5312            Computational Hydraulics

CE-5313            Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Water Resources Engineering

CE-5314            Hydropower Development

CE-5315            Postgraduate Research Thesis(*)

CE-5316            Environmental Engineering Hydrology

Specialization in Transportation Engineering

CE-5401            Highway Planning & Design

CE-5402            Transportation Engineering

CE-5403            Pavement Evaluation & Rehabilitation

CE-5404            Characteristics of Passenger Transport System

CE-5405            Characteristics of Traffic Flow

CE-5406            Design of Transport Infrastructure

CE-5407            Pavement Evaluation Based on NDT

CE-5408            Traffic Management Techniques

CE-5409            Traffic Safety

CE-5410            C.A.D. (Computer Aided Design)

CE-5411            Pavement Structures, Materials & Design

CE-5412            Railway Engineering

CE-5413            Application of Information Technology in Transportation Engineering

CE-5414            Application of Finite Element Method in Transportation Engineering

CE-5415            Postgraduate Research Thesis

Specialization in Environmental Engineering

CE-5501            Introduction to Environmental Engineering & Standards

CE-5502            Environmental Laboratory & Experimentation       

CE-5503            Solid Waste Engineering & Management

CE-5504            Water Treatment and Design

CE-5505            Wastewater Treatment and Design

CE-5506            Air and Noise Pollution Control

CE-5507            Environmental Impact Assessment

CE-5508            Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management

CE-5509            Sustainable water Resources Development & Management

CE-5510            Ecology and Risk Assessment

CE-5511            Environmental Health and Safety

CE-5512            Water Supply & Wastewater Collection Systems

CE-5513            Water Quality Modeling

CE-5514            Marine Pollution and Control

CE-5515            Modeling of Environmental Systems

CE-5516            Agricultural Pollution and Control

CE-5517            Advanced Mathematics

CE-5518            Environmental Engineering Hydrology

CE-5519            Environmental Hydraulic Engineering

CE-5520            Postgraduate Research Thesis(*)

* All courses other than Research Thesis carry 3 credit hours, Research Thesis carry 6 credit hours. Post graduate Research Thesis is compulsory for candidates opting for Thesis-Option



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