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About Office

Dr. Mansoor A. Baluch

BSc. Engg. (Civil), MSc. Engg. (Civil), PhD. Engg. (Civil), MBA


Email: [email protected]
Ph: 051- 9047406
Fax: 051- 9047420

Khalid Mahmood

Additional Registrar

Email: [email protected]
Ph: 051- 9047407

Ali Hussain Naqvi

Additional Registrar(Academic and Regulations (A&R))

Ph: 051- 9047410

Rana Nadeem Anjum

Ehsaan Ahmad

Assistant Registrar(Establishment)

Email: [email protected]
Ph: 051- 9047409

Inauguration of Water Tank UET Taxila 10th December, 2015

Inauguration Ceremony at UET Taxila on 10th December, 2015
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Meeting of the Academic Council held on 10th December, 2015. Click here for image gallery.

Inauguration of Sewerage Disposal System UET Taxila, click here for image gallery.

Syndicate Meeting UET Taxila held on 11th Dec. 2015


University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Department of Computer Science, 051 9047406

About the university

The University campus is located on the outskirts of Taxila at a distance of 5 km from the city. It is situated near railway station Mohra Shah Wali Shah on Taxila-Havelian branch line....

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Higher Education Commission Pakistan
PEC Pakistan
Pakistan Engineering Council

About Registrar's Office.

Engr. Mansoor A. Baluch, Registrar and Mr. Khalid Mahmood, Deputy Registrar, Establishment University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila Pakistan....
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