Admissions for MSc and PhD Degree Programs 2020

List of Selected Candidate for Admission in MSc and PhD Engineering

MSc Mechanical Engineering 22-10-2020 02:39 PM
MSc Computer Engineering 22-10-2020 01:53 PM
MSc/PhD Software Engineering 22-10-2020 12:04 PM
PhD Computer Science 22-10-2020 12:03 PM
MS Data Science 22-10-2020 12:03 PM
MS Computer Science 22-10-2020 12:02 PM
MSc/Phd Electronics Engineering 22-10-2020 08:24 AM

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List of Candidates eligible for Entry Test in MSc and PhD Engineering

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Entry Test Structure

List of Eligible Candidates for Interview in MSc and PhD Engineering

PhD Computer Science Updated 16-10-2020 11:03 PM
MS Data Science Updated 16-10-2020 11:01 PM
MS Computer Science Updated 16-10-2020 11:00 PM
PhD Mechanical Engineering 16-10-2020 01:47 PM
MSc Product Design and Development 16-10-2020 08:27 AM
PhD Engineering Management 16-10-2020 08:27 AM
MSc Industrial Engineering 16-10-2020 08:26 AM
MSc Engineering Management 16-10-2020 08:26 AM
MSc Energy Engineering 15-10-2020 03:08 PM
PhD Civil Engineering 15-10-2020 02:08 PM
MSc and PhD Electrical Engineering 15-10-2020 11:42 AM
MSc and PhD Software Engineering 15-10-2020 11:09 AM
MS Mathematics and MS Physics and PhD Mathematics 15-10-2020 10:15 AM
MSc Civil Engineering 14-10-2020 02:42 PM
MSc Computer Engineering 14-10-2020 02:34 PM
MSc/PhD Electronics Engineering 14-10-2020 02:32 PM
MSc Mechanical Engineering 13-10-2020 02:17 PM

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