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Industrial Tour of Session-2021

The Software Engineering Department organized a one-day industrial tour for Session-2021. The students were divided into two groups. One group began their journey at Nayatel Headquarters in Blue Area, Islamabad, while the other half visited DPL, a prominent software house located in I-8, Islamabad.

For those who explored DPL, M. Waqas, the Operational Manager, delivered an insightful presentation that illuminated the company's organizational culture. He emphasized the agile approach and discussed their unwavering commitment to the organization's core values, with a particular focus on the Scrum framework. DPL is recognized as one of Islamabad's leading IT consulting and services companies. Notably, DPL's unique distributed organizational structure, where all employees work within the same hall, fosters a collaborative and non-hierarchical work environment. Following the presentation, participants had the opportunity to tour the software house and engage with employees, gaining valuable insights into their daily operations.

Meanwhile, the students who visited Nayatel delved into the intricacies of the company. Zainab Amjad, the Assistant HR Executive, provided a comprehensive overview of Nayatel's structure, mission, and vision, laying a solid foundation for a deep understanding of the company's principles. Nayatel operates as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), offering telephone, fiber-based broadband internet, and television services to residential and corporate customers across nine cities in Pakistan. Subsequently, Fahad Zafar, the Software Engineering Manager, highlighted the advanced web development technologies employed by Nayatel and shared practical interview tips during a two-hour session. This industrial tour proved to be an enriching experience, offering valuable insights into the worlds of both Nayatel and DPL for the students of Session-2021.

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