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Alumni Homecoming-2024

Softdesk organized the "Alumni Homecoming" event on January 30th, 2024, at the Multipurpose Hall. The gathering warmly welcomed alumni who are actively contributing to various domains within the IT industry, both nationally and internationally, providing a platform for them to share invaluable insights from their professional journeys.

The program featured keynote speakers-distinguished alumni who illuminated the audience with their experiences across the global IT landscape. Panel discussions delved into key IT topics, exploring the intricacies of coding, testing, and backend development, and highlighting the diverse challenges and opportunities in both national and international contexts. Attendees had the opportunity to gain valuable perspectives from experts in these fields.

The event also incorporated dedicated networking breaks, fostering meaningful connections between current students and accomplished alumni. This initiative aimed to provide students with a unique opportunity to engage directly with industry professionals, gaining valuable perspectives and expanding their network across borders. Softdesk fostered an environment that celebrated alumni achievements and facilitated knowledge exchange for growth among students and IT professionals, emphasizing the global reach and impact of the IT industry.

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The University campus is located on the outskirts of Taxila at a distance of 5 km from the city. It is situated near railway station Mohra Shah Wali Shah on Taxila-Havelian branch line....

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