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University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila

UET Taxila


The program involves study of software applications development process, latest software technologies and how these technologies can be designed and developed. After successful completion of the Software Engineering degree, the graduates will gain a broad range of skills in the area of software with strong analytical and critical abilities.
These graduates are ready to embark upon an exciting career in a diverse range of software technology-rich companies and industries. The department offers 4 years degree program of B.Sc. in Software Engineering.

Program Learning Objectives (PLO)
Graduates of Software Engineering Program shall be able to:

  • Apply proper theoretical, technical, and practical knowledge of software requirements, analysis, design, implementation, verification and validation, and documentation.
  • Develop appropriate solutions to a given problem using software engineering approaches that integrate ethical, social, legal, and economic concerns.
  • Design, synthesize, and analyze, software systems of increasing size and complexity at various abstraction levels i.e. from the individual component to the entire system architecture.
  • An ability to define, assess, and apply software quality practices for appropriate application on software development projects in a variety of domain areas.
  • Be an effective member of a multi-disciplinary software-intensive product development team.
  • Able to communicate, to varied stakeholder audiences, technical concepts in a complete, concise, and correct manner in a format appropriate for the audience.
  • Engage in lifelong learning of software engineering theories and technologies through graduate education, participation in professional activities, or the acquisition of new technical proficiencies, or q managerial and leadership skills.
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University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Department of Software Engineering, 051-9047736

About the university

The University campus is located on the outskirts of Taxila at a distance of 5 km from the city. It is situated near railway station Mohra Shah Wali Shah on Taxila-Havelian branch line....

Important websites

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Higher Education Commission Pakistan
PEC Pakistan
Pakistan Engineering Council

About Software Engg. Dept.

Department of Software Engineering, is concerned with the theory, design, development and applications of computer networks and software systems....
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