Quality Enhancement Cell

The Quality Enhancement Cell was established at UET Taxila on 7th Februray 2011. It is entrusted with the task to promote education for effective management of standards and quality of programmes at all levels. It require the developing quality assurance processes and methods of evaluation to maintain high educational standards of UET. Supporting local industry and to compete Internationally curriculum revision and inclusion of new subjects  is a regular feature coupled with comprehensive research activities. 

 These academic activities at UET are being regularly monitored by Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), HEC through Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC).



It is observed that almost all the national universities, have similar scheme of studies for respective degree programs with minor variations, thanks to the information sharing in the age of IT. But the quality of outgoing graduates from these universities is conspicuously variant. We need to accept, that most of the universities here do not meet the international quality criteria. It is this dismal state of affairs, where most of our efforts needs to be focused. This is the only way to achieve value addition, international competitiveness and consequently, socio-economic up gradation. Seemingly, this idea became the founding stone of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), formed by the HEC. It has evolved well organized policies with quantifiable parameters of quality, required to enhance the educational standards in Higher Education. QAA is leading this movement for assuring and enhancing Quality of Higher Education in the country.
QAA, is guided and advised by the Quality Assurance Council for framing requisite policies and programs. Establishment of QEC’s at all public Universities and Higher Education Institutions, is part of this process. QEC’s at the Universities will be headed by professionals, equivalent to the status of a Dean, and will be directly responsible to the Vice-Chancellor. In Phase IV of this project, a QEC was established at UET TAXILA in Feb 2011.