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Applications for admission are invited through an advertisement in the national newspapers once per year.


  1. Applications for admission to M.Sc. degree Courses complete in all respects should reach the Chairman of the department concerned on dates to be notified by the Directorate of ASR&TD.
  2. The application fee of Rs. 1000/- should be remitted/paid through Bank Draft/Pay Order/ Bank Challan in favor of the Treasurer of the University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila payable at Habib Bank branch of the University with completed application form. The application fee is not refundable.
  3. Applications not submitted on the prescribed form or incomplete as regards the production of certificates/ testimonials or unaccompanied by the application fee will not be considered.
  4. A candidate for admission to the M.Sc. degree course must hold a B.Sc. degree in the relevant branch of Engineering recognized by the HEC/PEC/NCEAC and equivalence committee of the University.


  1. Keeping in view the available facility and staff position in each department, the Chairman of the department shall recommend to the Dean, for approval of suitable number of selected candidates in each specialization up to a maximum of 15. However, if the number of selected candidates for any specialization is less than five in part time program, the MSc course in that specialization will not be offered.
  2. Maximum number of seats for Engineering Management will be 30.
  3. There will be no limit for the number of the students for a subject to be offered in a semester for full time MSc.
  4. The regular teachers of the department concerned may be admitted to the MSc Engineering Courses, on the recommendation of the Chairman in addition to the above mentioned seats.

M.Sc. Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering offers MSc Computer Engineering courses in the following specialization(s) subject to the availability of the faculty.
  1. Signal and Image Processing
  2. Digital Design


A written test, carrying 100 marks for both part time and full time shall be conducted by the department on the date notified in the schedule.


Candidates who pass the written test shall be interviewed by a committee comprising Dean of the Faculty, the Chairman of the Department and Director Postgraduate Studies of the Department. The interview shall carry 20 marks.

Determination of Merit

The merit list of those students who qualify the written test and the interview will be prepared by the Chairman of the Department. To determine the merit, the following are the marks for its different components for both the part and full time programs:
  1. 50 marks for the aggregate percentage marks obtained by the candidate on the basis of all the University Examinations for the BSc Engineering degree.
  2. 100 marks for the written test.
  3. 20 marks for the interview.
  4. 10 marks for relevant experience. One mark for each year of the service of the candidate with the maximum of ten (10) marks.


  1. A separate merit list shall be prepared for each specialization based on the above mentioned criteria and limitation.
  2. Based on the above merit list the Chairman shall recommend to the Dean, the admission of suitable candidates. The decision of the Dean shall be final in this regard.
  3. Those admitted shall have to pay University dues and register for MSc within specified time.
  4. Any seat falling vacant due to non-registration of any successful candidates shall be filled in by the succeeding entries on the respective merit list and letters of admission shall be issued to them.

    1. The list of selected candidates approved and notified by Dean will be displayed on the notice boards and university websites.
    2. Within 10 days of an official notification, the selected candidate is required to pay the University Dues, submit four copies of the photographs duly attested by a gazetted government officer or class A officer of the University and a no-objection certificate from the employer for joining thecourse (in case of part time) to the Chairman of the department concerned. Unemployed candidates. must submit an affidavit to the effect that he is currently not employed anywhere.
    3. On fulfillment of obligations mentioned in (b), the selected candidate will be admitted to MSc degree course and the Chairman of the department will issue class roll number to him. The Chairman thereafter will send immediately the list of students who join the respective courses, to the Dean of the faculty concerned, along with the application forms, the bank draft/pay order. The Dean of the faculty concerned will register students in its record and notify the list of registered students to all concerned.
    4. No candidate shall be admitted after two weeks of the beginning of the course.


    1. The Admission of the foreign students will be made on the basis of the academic record of the candidate and the assessment of his scholarship made by the Board of Postgraduate Studies of the department.
    2. They must submit their applications to the Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Education, Islamabad, through Pakistan’s representative accredited to their countries along with the following documents.
    1. Educational Certificates (Attested Photo Copies) including details of syllabi and courses of studies prescribed for the BSc degree or its equivalent in Engineering.
    2. Domiciles / Nationality Certificate
    3. Character Certificate
    4. Health/Fitness Certificate
    5. TOEFL


    No transfer from full time to part time MSc degree program and vice -versa shall be allowed.


    1. Any eligible student can be registered in continuing education programme for MSc/PhD courses on the recommendation of concerned Chairman with usual Fee and case will be approved by the Vice Chancellor. The registration number will be issued to the candidate by the concern department (The student will be awarded only Transcript for this purpose).
    2. Credit hours of maximim three PhD courses studied under continuing education may be tranfferred to PhD course work.


    1. Application for admission shall be invited through an advertisement in the national newspapers.
    2. Each Candidate shall submit only ONE application irrespective of the number of specializations. The address on the envelope of application form should be as under:
    3. M.Sc. Admission in ________Engineering Department Status: Full Time/Part Time, Chairman________ Engineering Department University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila.
    4. All employed candidates for admission in part time program will submit no-objection certificate from their employer. The official seal be fixed along with signature in NOC from employer section of M.Sc. application form. Application form will not be considered if signature along with official seal is missing for employed applicants.
    5. Allocation of Specialization.
    6. The applicants will clearly mention the specialization in which they are interested in their application form for admission. Each candidate shall produce the details of subjects studied by him at the undergraduate level to ascertain his suitability for admission into specific specialization.
    7. The prescribed application forms provided in this prospectus, duly filled in by the candidate, shall be submitted in the office of the Chairman of the department along with all necessary documents/ testimonials by the last date and time mentioned in the admission advertisement. All applications received after the due date and time, even if posted earlier, shall not be entertained.
    8. The selected candidates will be required to pay University dues and register themselves for postgraduate classes within the specified time limit.
    9. Any seat falling vacant due to non-registration of any selected candidate shall be filled up in accordance with the merit list.
    10. Stipend to full time students, if available will be only for the minimum duration of program.
    11. The university shall collect the original documents from the students enrolled in full time MSc Degree program. These documents shall remain in the custody of the university till the completion of the degree program.
    12. If a full time MSc student wants to withdraw from the admission or does not complete the MSc degree program within time, he/she will have to return all Fee/stipend paid by the university.
    13. A full time student shall submit an affidavit on stamp paper of Rs. 30/- as per format-A and part time student will provide as per format-B given at the end of prospectus.
    14. The applicants are advised to fill in their aggregate percentage marks (not weighted percentage) obtained in B.Sc. Engineering.
    15. The full time MSc students will be required to be present in the University during all working days and 2-3 students will be associated with each senior faculty member. The scholars may be assigned the following duties in addition to their learning assignments:
    16. - Lab Engineer
      - Teaching and Research Associates
      - Working in collaboration with PhD Scholars
      - Any other appropriate task assigned
    17. The Full Time student will be exempted from fee and others charges up to 18 months.
    18. Each Full Time student will be paid a stipend of Rs. 15000/- p.m. for a maximum duration of 18 months.
    19. Each full time MSc. student will have to maintain a minimum SGPA of 3.0 throughout his/her studies, failing which he/she will be terminated from his/her MSc. studies.
    20. The courses approved for part time and full time will be same.
    21. All other rules followed for part time MSc students will also be applicable for full time M.Sc. students.
    22. Maximum of 10 students will be admitted in each specialization by the concerned department in full time M.Sc. program.


    1. Casual leave not exceeding 24 days per year shall be admissible. More than 10 days leave at one time shall not be allowed. If weekend or gazetted holiday falls as prefix or suffix of leave, it will be counted as leave. Record of leave allowed by the Chairman/Dean concerned will be maintained by the Deptt.
    2. Leave on medical grounds without stipend shall be admissible on production of medical certificate by the Chief Medical Officer of the University as per Punjab Medical Attendance Rules. However, if medical leave is continued and exceeds two months, full time admission shall be terminated and the scholar will have to refund the complete stipend and deposit complete fee etc.
    3. Leave will only be sanctioned on the recommendation of concerned supervisor.

    Duration of M.Sc Degree

    The minimum duration for completion of the Master’s degree program (part and full time) will be 18 months (three semesters).

    Academic Calendar

    An academic year of the university comprises two semesters, each of eighteen weeks duration of teaching and research. The semester schedule including teaching, mid semester holidays and examination periods will be as under:
    Fall : 15th July to 31st December
    Spring : 15th January to 31st June

    Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Engineering

    MSc (Engg) degree will be awarded for successfully completing studies equivalent to 30 credit hours.
    1. The candidate will pass a minimum of eight postgraduate level courses (24 credit hours) and successfully complete postgraduate research thesis (6 credit hours).
    2. In general, a student will be required to take at least five core courses (15 credit hours) from his choice of specialization called major area.

    Transfer of Credit Hours

    The Credit of a maximum of 3 courses studied and passed at a percentage of atleast 70% or Grade-B at an institute recognized by HEC/PEC/NCEAC (National Computing Education Accreditation Council) may be transferred at this University and the affiliated institutions; provided that the subjects for which the student is applying for transfer must be read at other institution/university being a student of the same degree (M.Sc) in which he seeks admission before his transfer of credits is considered and that the concerned Board of Postgraduate Studies allows such transfer by assessing the relevance and contents of the subjects.

    Semester Work Load

    1. A postgraduate course will comprise three credit hours per week. One credit hour will be equal to one class hour of lecture.
    2. A student can be registered for a maximum of three postgraduate level courses in a semester of enrolment for part time and four courses per semester for full time program.

    Weekly Classes Schedule

    Weekly postgraduate teaching/research schedule prepared by the departments and duly approved by the Vice-Chancellor will be announced one week prior to the commencement of a semester.


    At the time of enrolment in a degree program, the student’s previous academic credentials will be assessed. In case, a deficiency is found at BSc (Engg) level, Chairman of the department may direct the student to take courses at the undergraduate level. In such a case, the student would be required to attend lectures in these courses and pass a test to be given by the teacher.

    Improvement of Grades

    The candidate can improve the course already passed with grade-C or less. He can also appear in new courses for improvement of his CGPA.

    Academic Advisor

    Immediately after joining Postgraduate program, the student will be assigned by the Chairman of the department an Academic Advisor for academic guidance and counseling. In consultation with his academic advisor, the student will prepare a tentative course plan on the prescribed form and submit to the Chairman of the department for approval.

    Semester Courses

    Courses to be offered in any semester will be approved by the Vice-Chancellor and notified by Directorate of ASR&TD at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the semester. The Board of Postgraduate Studies of the department shall recommend the courses along with names of course instructors.

    Registration Procedure

    1. The Chairman of each department shall forward the registration forms along with dues payment slips to the Directorate of Advanced Studies, Research and Technological Development (ASR&TD) immediately after the last date of registration.
    2. The Directorate of ASR&TD will compile and forward the final list of registered students to all concerned on the prescribed form not later than 21 days from the commencement of the semester.


    1. If a student interrupts his program of study for a semester or more, Vice-Chancellor will allow re-enrolment of the student on the recommendations of the Chairman & Dean. If re-enrolment is allowed, the student will pay all the pending dues along with re-enrolment fee.
    2. If program requirements have changed during the period of interruption of studies, the student will be required to modify his degree program to ensure conformity to the latest version of the curriculum.
    3. Any such interruption shall not be allowed in first semester and a student who does not appear in the first semester examination shall not be eligible for re-enrollment. Such student can however seek fresh admission.

    Final Examination

    1. Final Examination shall be held during last week of each semester.
    2. The Controller of Examinations will notify the date-sheet of Final Examinations at least 21 days prior to the commencement of examination duly approved by Vice-Chancellor.

    Eligibility and Attendance Requirements

    1. No candidate shall be admitted to Final examination of a semester unless he fulfills the following conditions:
      1. He has registered for the courses of study as per registration rules.
      2. He has been on the rolls of the university during that semester.
      3. He has not been debarred for admission to the examination under any other regulation.
      4. He has attended in each course in which he has to be examined not less than 85% of total number of lectures delivered, the periods of laboratory practical/design work during that semester in which the examination is held. The Dean of the Faculty may for valid reasons condone to the extent of 10% of deficiency in the above-mentioned percentage.
    2. The Controller of Examinations will be provided a list of registered candidates from the Chairman of the concerned Department at least two weeks before the commencement of end semester examinations.

    Student Course Work Evaluation

    1. A student shall be evaluated in each course on the basis of final theory examination called Part-I and sessional work called Part-II.
    2. Final examination (Part-I) will comprise comprehensive theory examination to be held at the end of the semester./li>
    3. Part-II shall include quiz tests, home assignments, case studies, laboratory work, fieldwork, studio work, mid semester tests, term projects and presentation of case studies etc.
    4. The teacher who has taught the course during the semester shall normally be the Examiner for evaluation of examinations in Part-I and Part-II of that course.
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