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Engr. Dr. Adeel Akram
Dean, Faculty of Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Specialization: Wireless and Mobile Communication

Phone: +92-51-9047566

Associate Professors

Dr. Yaseer Arafat Durrani
Chairman Department of Electronics Engineering

Specialization: Low Power SoC Design, VLSI/Nano Devices, Embedded Systemsl

Phone: +92-51-9047720


Dr. Gulistan Raja
Chairman Department of Electronics Engineering

Specialization: Digital Image/Video Signal Processing and Coding, VLSI Design and CAD of Image/Video Systems


Associate Professors
Assistant Professors

Dr. Muhammad Obaid Ullah

Specialization: Communication System, Signal Processing

Phone: +92-51-9047726


Dr. Ing. Ahsan Ali

Specialization: Control Systems, Industrial Control and Automation

Phone: +92-51-9047727


Dr. Syed Azhar Ali Zaidi

Specialization: ASIC Design, Digital Architectures for Communications.
Phone: +92-51-9047722


Dr. Aamir Rashid

Specialization: Electromagnetic Modelling, Antenna Design, Microwave and RF Electronics, Numerical Methods, Computational Electromagnetics
Phone: +92-51-9047723


Dr. Usman Masood

Specialization: Optics,Semi conductors,Laser,OPtoelectronics,Bio Medical applications,Sensors
Phone: +92-51-9047726


Dr. Khawaja Shafiq Haider

Specialization: Control Systems
Phone: +92-51-9047725


Engr. Adil Usman

Specialization: Control and Automation, Power Electronics, Electronics Circuits

Phone: +92-51-9047730


Engr. Syed Zohaib Hassan

Specialization: Intelligent Control, Evolutionary Computation

Phone: +92-51-9047730


Engr. Muhammad Faraz *

Specialization: Fiber Optic Communication System, Computer Networks, Solid State Electronic Devices

Phone: -


Engr. Qummar Zaman *

Specialization: Digital System Design, ASIC Design, Power Electronics, Data Acquisition Systems

Phone: -


Engr. Muhammad Atif Imtiaz

Specialization: Control System, Signal Processing

Phone: +92-51-9047730

Lab Engineers

Engr. Muhammad Umar Khan

Phone: +92-51-9047883


Engr. Shujaat Hussain Shah

Phone: +92-51-9047729


Engr. Hafiza Misbah Younis

Phone: +92-51-9047733

Engr. Sumair Aziz

Phone: +92-51-9047719

Technical Staff

Lab Supervisors

Farhan Ghafoor

Phone: +92-51-9047716

Masood ul Hassan

Phone: +92-51-9047729

Muhammad Ashfaq

Phone: +92-51-9047734

Jr. Programmers

Abubakar Siddique

Phone: +92-51-9047732

Muzammal Majeed

Phone: +92-51-9047883
* On Study Leave

Dr. Nadeem Anjum

Specialization: Computer Programming, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Vision

Phone: +92-51-9047722

Engr. Kamran Javed

Specialization: FPGA Based System Design, Digital Design, Embedded System, Image and Video Signal Processing

Phone: +92-51-9047733

Engr. Komal Munir

Specialization:Electronics System Design, Advanced Electronic Devices


University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Department of Electronics Engineering, 051 9047721

About the university

The University campus is located on the outskirts of Taxila at a distance of 5 km from the city. It is situated near railway station Mohra Shah Wali Shah on Taxila-Havelian branch line....

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HEC Pakistan
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Pakistan Engineering Council

About Electronics Engg. Dept.

The Department of Electronics Engineering started in 2010 with an enrollment of 60 undergraduate students per year. The department is housed in the historic building of laboratory block....
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