Faculty/Staff Development Center - UET Taxila

Our Vision

The continuous capacity building of Faculty through "Professional Development Program" to design effective teaching, creating knowledge and learning experiences to contribute to a "teaching-leadership commons".

Our Mission

The Program in Faculty Development at University of Engineering and technology Taxila UETT aims to maintain the quality education that recognizes and supports the faculty in their role as educators and knowledge creators. The university strives to provide faculty educators with the knowledge and skills to best teach our Engineering students in the classroom and outside. The array of programming provides both seasoned and novice educators with the tools they need to instruct, guide, train, facilitate and mentor. The ultimate goal of the Program is to enhance student learning and thus impact the quality of knowledge.

The program also seeks to provide faculty with a community of educators with, and from whom they can learn. To achieve this, the internal resources are utilized in the form of our talented faculty educators who share their expertise in terms of problem solving skills with their peers, and provide a central infrastructure for faculty development across the various domains of engineering departments. Additionally, the qualified professionals outside the university from various fields are also invited regularly to impart their experience, skills, and knowledge to faculty.

The program includes wide range from Discipline, Communication Skills, Social Capital, Curriculum Development, Modernization, and Modern Teaching Methodology to Management System.

Key Features of 2017:

  • Budget allocation by UET Taxila for domestic trainings for FY-2017-18: Rs. 0.75 Million
  • Budget Consumed till 31st April. 2018: approx. Rs. 0.72 Million
  • Proposed HEC funding amount approx.. Rs. 0.5 Million

Proposed Training Topics

  • OBE
  • Micro-Teaching
  • Communication Skills
  • Professional Ethics
  • Designing a Better Syllabus
  • Incivility in the Classroom
  • Testing and Grading (General)
  • Testing and Test Construction
  • Designing a Scoring Rubric
  • Getting Formative Feedback from Your Students
  • Evaluation of Teaching
  • Establishing Course/Learning Objectives
  • Writing a Philosophy of Teaching
  • Troubleshooting: A general discussion of problems
  • Generating a Teaching Portfolio
  • Engaging Students in Class
  • Leading Discussion
  • Teaching Every Student: Guidelines for Faculty on Teaching in a Time of Changing Student Demographics
  • Effective Teaching in Large Classrooms
  • Writing Winning Grant Proposals
  • Carrier Development Counseling


  • Effective Recruitment Download
  • Process of Educational Planning 10th May 2016.Download
  • Governance (Session 1).Download
  • Professional EthicsDownload
  • FPDP-March 222-Communication Skills for TeachersDownload
  • Prof. Azlan Master Copy Day 2 Session 2 Case Study of Implementing Project Oriented(1)Download
  • Prof Azlan OBE Master Copy Day 1 Session 1-3Download
  • Prof. Azlan OBE Master Copy Day 2 Session 1 Complex ProblemDownload
  • OBEDownload
  • Process-of-Educational-Planning-10th-May-2016Download

Dr. Muzaffar Ali

Director Staff Development Center

[email protected]
051-9047482, 051-9047678

New Faculty Engagement

  • Orientation
  • Web-based Resources
  • Productive Beginnings Daylong Work-session
  • Colleague-to-Colleague Mentoring Partnerships

Faculty Learning Communities

  • Blended Learning Course Redesign
  • Intersections of Culture and Learning
  • First-Generation College Student Experiences
  • Researching the Impact of Our Teaching on Learning

Communities of Practice

  • Writing Circle for Researchers in Engineering Areas
  • Century Club
  • Teaching Academy
  • Learning Community Facilitators

Workshops/work sessions/seminars

  • Collaborative offerings
  • Book Discussions
  • Webinars
  • Topical Workshops
  • Three-day Teaching Seminar
  • Topical Online Support

Consultations on Teaching and Scholarship

  • Individual
  • Departmental and Program
  • Committee
  • Resource Collaboration Group

Graduate Teaching Assistant Development

  • Introduction to University Teaching Course
  • Topical Workshops
  • Online Resources

UET Taxila

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         Technology Taxila, 47050
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About UET Taxila

With phenomenal increase in students' enrollment in 1970's, a plan to establish additional campuses of the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore was conceived. As a result of that, the University College of Engineering Taxila was established.

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