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International Linkages

UET Taxila is a multi-disciplinary university involved in internationally relevant engineering developments. And International study is a very significant part of the educational goals and strategic plan of UET Taxila. Globalization of the campus and the curriculum is specifically part of our core values.

The Directorate of International Linkages (IL) expands the international scope of the University by developing official agreements with universities abroad. International linkages build knowledge and shape new schools of thought and discovery. In addition to this we are increasing the number of exchange institutions and expanding into new countries so that opportunities for connections continue to grow in order to facilitate the exchange of students and faculty.

International Linkages advances internationalization at UETT by:

• Growing the number of UETT students to study abroad and international students to study at UETT;
• Facilitating faculty exchanges both here and abroad for collaborative research and professional development; and
• Providing weekly opportunities for campus- and local-community members to learn about the hottest topics on the global stage today.

Taking Benefit of ILs

For students, participating in an exchange program is an exciting and challenging way of broadening their horizons. It provides an opportunity to gain experience of living and studying in a new culture and environment. During the program, students are provided a unique chance to:

• Globalize and enhance their educational experience
• Explore career opportunities through networking
• Broaden their personal and educational perspectives
• Explore, appreciate and understand different cultures
• Improve language skills and cultural understanding
• Eliminate fear and prejudice among nations

Memoranda of Understanding

At UETT, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is considered as the first step in the process of developing an agreement that enables the exchange of students or faculty. MOUs are officially signed by the universities involved, but are usually very brief with minimal detail. An MOU can be likened to a handshake or a gesture of goodwill, indicating that both parties are interested in developing a subsequent agreement.
Following the signing of an MOU, the creation of an actual study abroad agreement comes as a result of both institutions investing considerable time outlining detailed terms of a partnership that are mutually beneficial. Once details have been clarified and agreed upon, university officials then sign an official agreement document which establishes a formal relationship and allows students and faculty to be sent abroad.
UETT currently has MOUs with the following universities. Official agreements are yet to come.


Hasselt University, Belgium
Fachhochschule Dusseldorf (FH-D), University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Halmstad University, Sweden
Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic


Alexandria University, Egypt
Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, Egypt

Asia and Asia Pacific

Peking University, China
Tsinghua University, China
Wuhan University, China
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh
Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP), Japan
Seoul National University, Korea
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia
Asian Institute of Technology, Thaliand

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About UET Taxila

With phenomenal increase in students' enrollment in 1970's, a plan to establish additional campuses of the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore was conceived. As a result of that, the University College of Engineering Taxila was established.

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