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List of Final Year Projects 2017

S.No Faculty Name Project Offer
1 Dr. Syed Aun Irtaza 1. Enhancement of the live video streams captured in foggy weather in real time scenerios for driver safety
2. Andriod application for early fall detection of elderly people using smart watches
3. Aerial survillence through drones
2 Dr. Farrukh Zeeshan Khan 1. Home Automation
2. Budgerigar Breeding Management System
3 Dr. Syed Muhammad Adnan 1. Course Corner: Online Courses Management system with Android App 
2. Driver Drowsiness Detection
4 Dr. Zeshan Iqbal 1. Wifi remort control of smart tv usin ios device
2. Screen mirrorning of Smart tv using IOS device
5 Dr. Muhammad Munwar Iqbal 1. Campus Management System
2. Faculty Evaolution QEC
3. Online Administration / online recruitment system
6 Dr. Javed Iqbal 1. Buletin Board System (BBS) for UET Students and Employees
2. Prediction and Classification of various diseases based on biological data such as (DNA, Protin, Microarray Gene Expression etc)
I3. mpressive app for Kids education & learning 
7 Mr. Muhammad Wakeel Ahmad 1. Plant Image Recognition on Andriod Mobile
2. Plant/Crops Disease Identification using Leaf Images
8 Mr. Abid Rauf 1. Advance encryption using android
2. Cyber security and machine learning
3. Advance encryption using desktop
9 Mr. Mehmoon Anwar 1. Centralised and Online Blood Bank Management for Whole Country
10 Mr. Rashid Amin 1. android application news about city /roads for possible events
2. android application based solunar thorey for hunters (Moon Movement for Hunting)
3. Patient to doctor assignment system for health care