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COMPTECH (Society of Computer Technology)

  • Event Report (31-08-2015)
  • COMPTECH society (society of computer science) is recently introduced in UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Taxila. The event was occurred at computer science department (second floor of central library). The society organized its first event on august 31st 2015. It has two modules:

    1. Quick coding             2. Win lose or draw
  • 20-08-2015:

  • The idea of the modules "Quick coding" and "Win, draw or lose" was incepted in the combined meeting of cabinet and executives committee. The event organized would introduce the society in the university. Quick coding would stimulate students' interest in programming and its challenges. "Win, Draw or lose" would give the students a chance to show off their skills of expressions through non-verbal communication.

  • 24-08-2015:
  • The first desk was set up at 8:30 am on August 24th, 2015. The people managed to sit on the desk were
    1. Rimsha Naz             2. Maham Jamil             3. Imran Haider

    18 people registered for the "quick coding" event.
    42 people registered for the "win, lose or draw" event.
    There were 9 teams for "quick coding" and 21 teams for "win, lose or draw".

  • Quick Coding:

  • It was held at computer lab of computer science department. Abdul Haseeb, Zeeshan, Hamza, Ashir, Neelum and Nida were invigilators. Followings were the registrations of this module:
    1- HRS2- Accosted 3- Lavions 4- MS 5- Saado
    6- Waqas 7- Shakeel8- Waseem9- Kashmir

  • 24-08-2015:

  • It was held at computer science department. Aisha, Faisal, Talha, Mahnoor and Kanza were invigilators. Followings were the registrations of this module:
    1- Black Cloud2- CP Comegas 3- Civil Fires 4- Shan Mughal 5- Haider Elec
    6- Ladies of Winter Fall7- UET Pioneers 8- Zeeshan 9- Ayesha Laraib 10- Ihsan-ul-Haq
    11- Shaheer12- Losers 13- ZBL 14- Waheed Ahmed 15- Aqib
    16- LPG17- Ahmed EE 18- Shah Gee 19- Enviro's 20- Naeem Zahid
    21- Ihuntro

  • 31-08-2015:
  • The event was to start at 11:00 am. The responsible people reached at 8:30 am.

  • Quick Coding:
  • The following people were responsible for this module:
    1) Abdul Haseeb
    2) Neelam Niaz

  • Team Appeared in the Competition:
  • HRS
  • Accosted
  • Ravians
  • Waqas
  • Farhan

  • The event started at 11:00 am and ended at 1:00 pm.


    1st Prize:

    Team HRS (Mohammad Haris 14-EE-179 and Arsalan Qayyum 14-EE-11)

    2nd Prize:

    eam Accosted (Kashif Javaid 14-TE-93 and M Usman Saleh 14-TE-131)

    Problems faced by participants:

    Light went out during the quick coding and many participants had not saved their programs.

    Win, Draw or Lose:

    The following people were responsible for this module:
    Mahnoor ghous
    Memoona mushtaq

    Team Appeared in the Competition:

    • Shaheen 1• Shaheen 2 • Phuntro • Shan Mughal • Pioneers of uet
    • Ladies of Winter fall• Civil fires • Haider elec
    The module started at 11:00 am and ended at this 1:00 pm.


    1st Prize:

    Team Aleena Rashid 14-SE-56 and Qudsia Zearlish 14-SE-28

    2nd Prize:

    Team Fazal-ur-Rehman 14-EE-102 and Sarosh Tahir 14-EE-14

    Problems faced by participants:

    Very short time was given to every team to guess the correct answer.

    Prize distribution:

    On prize distribution ceremony, Chairman of CS department and all the faculty members were present. Chairman distributed certificates to the winning teams.



    Shaheen 1:

    "The event was awesome. It is technical as well as non-technical event. We learned a lot from it. I had participated in win, lose and draw. Due to this platform I think students had given the opportunity to polish their talent and increase their confidence level. Our experience was awesome and outstanding. Best wishes for comptech upcoming events"


    "The management team did their level best to make that event successful. The management team plays important role for the success of this event. They managed each and every thing on time. Event management coordinate to each other, communications were outstanding, their objectives were very high. The event was successful because many students had participated in it. I think we were successful to get our objectives of introducing a Comptech Society. Many students participated in it and show their abilities. To groom the hidden talent of the students."

    Society members

    Mahnoor ghous (member of event log, 14-CS-13)

    "When I saw the desk I didn't give it much attention and thought that it would be like the other events, having almost same modules. Event was managed very professionally. There was no fuss and confusion and everything seems to go as planned. I think it is a success. Great job done by everyone and we really enjoyed them. Looking forward to more events and expecting even better effort from everyone in upcoming events"

    Somia imdad (Member of management team, 14-CS-51)

    "I was also the part of management team and we did our level best to make that event successful.CS literally rocked that day."

    Sana Mushtaq (Event Logging Head, 14-CS-60)

    "We all members of Comptech held a Desk with a purpose and understanding of how institutes govern and we provided a platform for students where they will able to move effectively in order to improve their technical and non-technical skills. These things can't be learned only by studying regular courses in university. Of course our expectations were high. We provided a platform to the students of UET to polish their talent, to enhance their abilities, to increase their confidence level. This Desk invited the students for technical and non-technical events that were organizing by Comptech society. The expectations were to convince the more students to participate in these events and develop student confidence and character. To motivate the student to come on the stage and show their abilities."
    Every participant was present at the event and it was the first event of the society.