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PhD in Computer Science


Department of Computer Science is offering the PhD degree program in Computer Science.The main objective of this program is to provide a route to professional doctorate and to prepare scientific/educational manpower with depth of knowledge and research competence of international level to fill positions in Research Organizations, Industry, Management, Universities, Health Care and Educational Institutions. Our main aim is to improve the qualifications, skills and expertise of teachers and researchers in order to provide highly competent professionals to various public and private universities and colleges.

Eligibility Criteria

PhD program is open to candidates who have 18 years Master's Degree in the relevant discipline in Science or Engineering.


Course No Course Title Credit Hours
MA-6001 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (3+0)
EM-6002 Research Methodologies (3+0)


Course No Course Title Credit Hours
CS-6101 Data Management and Visualization (3+0)
CS-6102 Machine Learning for Big Data (3+0)
CS-6103 Distributed and Parallel Systems Data (3+0)
CS-6104 Photonic Networks Communication (3+0)
CS-6105 Cloud Computing (3+0)
CS-6106 Advanced Wireless Networks (3+0)
CS-6107 Digital Forensics (3+0)
CS-6108 Software Dene Networking (3+0)
CS-6109 Network Management and Virtualization (3+0)
CS-6110 Computer Vision (3+0)
CS-6111 Advance Image Processing (3+0)
CS-6112 Advance Machine Learning (3+0)
CS-6113 Data Analysis for Life Sciences (3+0)
CS-6114 Data mining (3+0)
CS-6115 Big Data and Hadoop Essentials (3+0)
CS-6116 Pattern Recognition (3+0)
CS-6117 Articial Neural Networks (3+0)
CS-6118 Advance T opics in Modeling and Simulations (3+0)
CS-6119 Distributed Databases (3+0)
CS-6120 Distributed Data Processing (3+0)
CS-6121 Learning from Data (3+0)