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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The Computer science is the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. A computer scientist specializes in the theory of computation and the design of computational systems. Computer science degree provides tremendous career opportunities around the globe with attractive pay packages. Computer science education is being boosted by US government. US government is promoting computer science education at all levels from K-12 to higher education. US government has declared computer science as a basic skill that must be learnt by every individual. This trend is being followed by European countries and India. Computer science has served human beings from their personal life to all sectors of business. Computer science evolved and produced new mechanisms and services for human beings. Computing is now supporting human being everywhere from personal life to managing businesses. Such involvement has created great number of jobs for computer scientists. Top careers for computer scientists are: software application development, computer systems analyst, computer system engineers, network system administrator, database administrator, business intelligence analyst, web developer, smart phone application development, computer programmer, big data, cloud computing.

Job Market for Computer Scientists

Computer science department considers latest job trends for computer scientists in international market. The department has objective to train students with the skills that are high in demand in international job market. Department has particularly focused on training students about big data, data science,cloud computing, android app development, iOS app development and SAP. These are among the most demanded skills for computer scientists. The department primarily teaches curriculum recommended by National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC). In addition, the department has introduced subjects required for skills development in big data, cloud computing, android and iOS app development to target international job market. The department has academic partnerships with leading companies of computer science industry. So far, department has academic partnership with Cloudera, Oracle, VMWare, Amazon Web Service, SAP and Microsoft. The department has got industry developed curriculum by these academic partnerships. The department has also received software being deployed in industry from these academic partnering companies.Computer science department has established 2 computing labs, 1 apple lab, 1 data science lab for experimentation of students. Students are provided wireless internet access. Department is planning to bring your own device (BYOD) facility to let students use software on their own laptops. The department is also providing blended learning facility to the students. Video lectures are recorded and students can view these lectures after class to enhance their learning.

Eligibility Criteria

1. He should have passed the Intermediate (PreEngg) Examination with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry from Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of Pakistan or an equivalent examination so recognized by the University.
2. Intermediate or an equivalent with Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science shall be acceptable only for Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Computer Science and Cyber Technology.
3. Intermediate or an equivalent with Physics, Mathematics and Statistics shall be acceptable only for Computer Science and Cyber Technology.
4. He should have passed the examination (up to the latest annual examination) on the basis of which he seeks admission.
5. For admissions in BS Computer Science the candidate having 45% marks are eligible.

Duration: Years (8 Semesters)


Semester 1

Credit Hours: 17

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
PartI Part II
CS -101 Introduction to Information and
Communication Technologies
3 1
CS -102 Programming Fundamentals 3 1
EG -101 Functional English 3 0
EL -101 Basic Electronics 2 1

Semester 2

Credit Hours: 16

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
PartI Part II
CS-103 Object Oriented Programming 3 1
CS-104 Discrete Structures 3 0
EG-102 Technical and Business Writing 3 0
MT-102 Probability & Statistics 2 1
PK-101 Islamic and Pak Studies 3 0

Semester 3

Credit Hours: 14

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
PartI Part II
CS-201 Data Structures and Algorithms 2 1
CS-202 Digital Logic and Design 2 1
EG-201 English III (Communication Skills) 2 0
MG-201 University Elective– II (Fininancial Management) 2 1
MT-202 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations 3 0

Semester 4

Credit Hours: 19

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
PartI Part II
CS-204 Operating Systems 2 1
CS-205 Introduction to Software Engineering 3 0
CS-206 Computer Architecture 2 1
CS-208 CS Elective - I (Data Communication) 3 0
CS-203 Introduction to Database Systems 3 1
MT-301 Numerical Computing 3 0

Semester 5

Credit Hours: 18

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
PartI Part II
CS-301 Human Computer Interaction 3 0
CS-302 Theory of Automata & Formal Languages 3 0
CS-303 Operations Research 2 1
CS-304 CS Elective-II (Distibutied Computing) 3 0
CS-305 CS Elective-III (Computer Graphics) 3 0
MT-306 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3 0

Semester 6

Credit Hours: 18

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
PartI Part II
CS-307 CS Elective- IV (Web Engingeering) 3 0
CS-308 Advanced Data Base Systems 3 0
MG-301 University Elective – III (Marketing) 3 0
CS-309 Computer Communication and Networks 3 0
CS-310 CS Elective- V (Visual Programming) 3 0
CS-311 Smart Application Development 3 0

Semester 7

Credit Hours: 18

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
PartI Part II
CCS-400 Software Design Project-I 3 0
CS-401 CS Elective-VI (System Programming) 3 0
CS-402 Compiler Construction 3 0
CS-403 Data Warehousing 3 0
CS-404 CS Elective- VII (Advanced Software Engineering) 3 0
CS-405 Artificial Intelligence 3 0

Semester 8

Credit Hours: 12

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
PartI Part II
CS-400 Software Design Project-II 3 0
CS-406 Wireless Networks 3 0
CS-407 Software Quality Assurance 3 0
SS-401 University Elective-IV (Professional Practices) 3 0